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The latest news from our vineyard



Bronze medal in the Wine Competition for the Grand Prix prize – Winobranie 2023 in Zielona Góra

A pleasant surprise from Zielona Góra. Our wine Marszałek Leon vintage 2021 has won a bronze medal in the 14th National Wine Competition for the [...]

Silver medal at the Grand Prix Grape Harvest 2022 in Zielona Gora

In the nationwide wine competition for the Grand Prix Grape Prix 2022 in Zielona Góra, our 2018 Leon red wine scored 85 points on the Parker [...]

Gold medal in Challenge International du Vin 2022

Good news from 46th edition of the Challenge International du Vin competition. Our Solaris vintage 2019 won a gold medal. We’re very [...]

3 gold medals in Zielona Góra

Great news from Zielona Góra. We have 3 gold medals for wines: Solaris 19, Pionier 18 and Bożydar 15. Congratulations to the other winners of the [...]

Silver medal at Challenge International du Vin 2021

We would like to share with you the joyful news that has reached us from France. Our wine, Marszałek Leon ’18, won a silver medal in the [...]

Two medals at Enoexpo 2020, including one in gold

Another great news, this time from the 12th Polish Wine and Cider Competition for the Enoexpo Medal 2020. Wine Sen 2016 won gold medal and Rose [...]

Gold medal in Zielona Góra contest

Last weekend we received very good news from Zielona Góra. In the 11th National Competition for the “Grand Prix – Vintage [...]

Silver medal in the 8th Polish Wine Competition for the “Grand Prix – Vintage 2017” award

We have a silver medal in the 8th National Wine Competition for the “Grand Prix – Vintage 2017” award in Zielona Góra for the [...]

Wine Regent 2015 wins the bronze medal at TuchoViniFest 2017

Last Sunday, the second edition of the TuchoVini Festival 2017 wine festival was held, where we presented our wines. The event was also [...]

Another bronze medal for Leon 2015

We are pleased to inform you that yesterday we received another bronze medal for Leon vintage 2015. Our wine participated in the 8th Polish Wine [...]

Bronze medal for Seyval Blanc vintage 2015

A good news from the 3rd Polish Wine Competition in Jasło reached us on the weekend. Our wine Seyval Blanc won there a bronze medal in the [...]

XI Convent of Polish Winemakers and bronze medal in the TuchoViniContest for Leon 2015

Over the weekend, we participated in the XI Convent of Polish Winemakers, which was held for the first time in Tuchów. The event was combined [...]