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Visiting our vineyard

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Enotourism is becoming more and more popular in Poland and all over the World. Therefore, to meet these expectations we are offering the opportunity to visit our vineyard and to test our wines.


  • groups of 1 to 4 people – 250 PLN per group,
  • groups of 5 to 10 people – 250 PLN + 35 PLN for each additional person,
  • groups over 10 people – 35 PLN per person.

The price includes a guided tour of the vineyard, a short story telling and wine tasting (only in polish or english, although accepting grups with an own translator). The quantity and type of wines presented depends on the size and preferences of visitors.

The tasting takes place under a covered shelter (see photos). For the tasting we serve bread and cheese only to clean the taste buds. The visit does not involve any meal, but of course it is possible to prepare something extra for an additional fee (to be agreed individually with each group).

The entire visit usually takes about 2 hours.

The vineyard is directly accessible by a car but not by a coach (due to the road being too narrow). It is necessary to walk about 200 m from the place where you can park your coach.

We accept a group up to 50 people at a time.

We are open to your suggestions and always with pleasure answering your questions.

IMPORTANT! Confirmation of a reservation the visit is an advance payment of the deposit on our bank account. The amount of the deposit should constitute a minimum of 50% of the visiting costs and can not be less than 250 PLN.

Two days before the booked date, we do not accept any changes in the size of the group!


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