Winnica Krokoszówka Górska

Our wines

We produce white and red wines (dry and semi-sweet)


Wine Bożydar – semi-sweet

Wine features

  • Semi sweet
  • Red


  • 2015


Bożydar is a red semi-sweet wine with low acidity, fresh fruity note and very intense navy-blue color. Perfect for many dishes, especially desserts.


Our wine is natural, not filtered, without the addition of preservatives. Requires storage in a dark, cool place with a temperature of up to 15 degrees C.


Suggested temperature for consumption: approx. 18 degrees C.

Visiting the vineyard with wine tasting

Check our tasting offer and book the date (available only in polish or with a translator).


Gold medal Grand Prix 2021 in Zielona Góra

for wine Bożydar – semi-sweet vintage 2015