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Krokoszówka Górska Vineyard

located in southern Poland


About the vineyard

Krokoszówka Górska vineyard was founded in 2005, in a small country – Smardzowice, located in southern Poland in the buffer zone of the Ojcowski National Park.

The vineyard habitat is very beneficial. All around are gentle slopes and fertile soil. The proximity of the Krakowsko – Czestochowska Upland makes the vine bushes grow directly on limestone rocks.

The specific microclimate of the area has a positive effect on the aroma of the grapes, as well as the quality of the producted wine, which is awarded at domestic and international wine competitions.

Check our website and familiarize with the vineyard. We hope you will enjoy it!

Bożena and Marek Górscy

The News

Bronze medal in the Wine Competition for the Grand Prix prize – Winobranie 2023 in Zielona Góra

A pleasant surprise from Zielona Góra. Our wine Marszałek Leon vintage 2021 has won a bronze [...]

Silver medal at the Grand Prix Grape Harvest 2022 in Zielona Gora

In the nationwide wine competition for the Grand Prix Grape Prix 2022 in Zielona Góra, our 2018 [...]

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Discover our small, family vineyards, located in southern Poland, just looking into our photo gallery. Check the vineyard chronicle starting from the empty field to its current state without moving.