Winnica Krokoszówka Górska

Vine cuttings

varieties suitable for cultivation in harsh climatic conditions


Regulations for ordering vine cuttings


  1. Placing the order for the vine cuttings is possible by filling special form or by e-mail (
  2. We do not accept phone orders.
  3. The order should include the names of the selected varieties, the number of ordered plants and delivery address with contact phone.
  4. The order is accepted after a down payment of at least 30% of the whole order value, transfered on your bank accountOf course, you can pay the entire order in advance.
  5. Order which is not paid will not be processed.
  6. If you have paid a deposit, please pay the rest of the order before the shipment. We never send the order that is not fully paid.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse an order due to the unavailability of cutting variety (or varieties) and the lack of payment in the appropriate amount and time.


  1. Cuttings are sent only by priority shipment to the address given in the order.
  2. Shipment cost depends on the destination country and the size of the order. Set individually for each order.
  3. Ordered plants are sent only twice a year: for autumn (November) and spring (March – April).